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System Compatibility T-FHSS SR, T-FHSS, T-FHSS MINI-Z mode, S-FHSS
Power Requirement Three AA batteries or FT2F1100B, FT2F1700B FT2F2100B
External memory microSD
Software Update Available using microSD card
Model Memory The 4PM is equipped with the model memory for 40 cars. You can use up to 10 alphanumeric characters and symbols for model names, so you can create a name that is easy to understand. The model copy feature makes it easy to create multiple model memories with subtly different settings.
MC-Link This dedicated function allows you set up the link software so that your 4PM can control variable frequency and other data changes in Futaba speed controllers(ESC) such as MC950CR etc.
S.BUS Servo The parameters of the S.BUS servo can be set in 4PM and can be set wirelessly when using the R334SBS or R33SBS-E.
Steering mixing Independent steering servo settings on the left and right ensure smooth cornering.
Brake mixing for large cars This is a brake mixing for the front and rear wheels of a 1/5 GP car that can be adjusted separately.
Gyromixing The sensitivity of Futaba's gyro for cars can be adjusted.
4WS mixiing This function controls the same phase and reverse phase of 4WS types such as crawlers.
Dual ESC mixing ESC's at the front and rear care controlled independently
CPS-1 mixing With the optional channel power switch CPS-1, LED lighting and blinking can be controlled in accordance with the steering and throttle operation as well as the switch.
Tank mixing Mixing function for tracked vehicles such as tanks. You can set the pivot and super pivot.
Anti-skid brake system When operating an engine car or other vehicle, this function allows braking so that the tire does not lose grip even when braking in a corner.
Traction This function allows the throttle servo to move forward intermittently to apply traction.
Throttle acceleration It is possible to minimize the time lag until the clutch and brake are connected in an engine car.
Throttle speed Sudden trigger manoeuvres on slippery surfaces will only cause unnecessary wheel spin and not smooth acceleration. This feature allows for smoother and easier handling, while reducing battery drain on the vehicle.
Steering speed If you feel that the steering servo is too fast, you can make adjustments to reduce the servo operation speed.
Racing time The lap time can record 100 lap times and total time. It can also be started automatically by trigger operation. The race time and audible alarm can be set. Re-/fueling time are indicated by an audible alarm. An up timer is also provided.

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